Blind Rivet Nut-waterproof Flat Head , Closed End BAI-C

Blind Rivet Nut-waterproof
Flat Head Rivet, Closed End
(Made in Taiwan, parent company Top Screw Metal Corp.)

Material Avaliable:

Steel, Stainless Steel 302( Inox A2/18-8) And 316 ( Inox A4/18-10), Brass, Aluminum 5056

Surface Finish Avaliable:

Steel: CR3 White/ Yellow/ Black Zinc Plated, CR3 Zinc Nickel Plated, Nickel Plated.

Stainless Steel: Clean Or Passivated.

Brass: Clean

Aluminum: Clean

Characteristics Of Small Flange Blind Rivet Nut:

1.The Blind Rivet Nut Has Been Specially Developed To Give Designers A Strong And Vibration- Proof Steel Thread In Thin Sheet Applications.

2.The Blind Rivet Nut Can Be Used To Assemble Two Or More Sheets Of Various Materials (steel, Aluminum, Wood, Plastic, Etc.) And Can Be Fixed By A Screw.

3.The Head Of Small Flange Blind Rivet Nut Is In A Countersunk Shape That Makes The Application Surface Flat And Smooth After Installation.

4.The Blind Rivet Nut Is Fast And Convenient In Installation.

5.Application Surface Finish Will Not Be Damaged After Installtion Of Blind Rivet Nut.

The Blind Rivet Nut Offers The Following Advantages:

1.Easy And Fast Installation.

2.High Torque And Strong Threads Are Comparable To Normal Fasteners.

Assembly Applications:


2.Electrical Engineering

3.Sheet Metal

4.General Light Fabrication

Other Size, Material Are Available Upon Request
Note: K= Knurled Body

Install Blind Rivet Nut By Air Pull Setter
Install Blind Rivet Nut By Air Riveting Nut tool